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Rental Car Santorini Port

Rental Car Santorini Port - Rent Car Santorini port - Car Hire Santorini Port

(Rental Car Santorini Port – Rent Car Santorini Port – Car Hire Santorini Port)

The port code is ATI and there is only one passenger terminal building. The port has 3 ramps where the boats can lay up and 3 points for the tankers. Most of the time taxis are waiting for arriving tourists at the port. But during peak season it might be hard to find a free cab. Tourists can also use the public bus but they might not get lucky enough to get a seat. Another option is to rent a car from Carhub to reach your hotel.

Rental Car Santorini Port – Rent Car Santorini Port – Car Hire Santorini Port

 If you book your Santorini rental car online, we ll wait for you at Santorini port when you arrive, and we ll deliver the car of your choice. Simple as that. Without any extra charge, you can have your rental car delivered, when you get off the boat at Santorini Port. This way your holidays in Santorini, start in the best possible way, without wasting any time, or spending too much money in taxis or last minute transfers. We suggest that you shouldn’t wait till last minute to do your car rental reservation at Santorini Port. By booking in advance , the car will wait for you without any delays, at Athinios port, Santorini, as you arrive. Put your luggage in the car, and start your holidays in Santorini without worries . At Athinios port of Santorini we deliver all our rental brand new cars free of charge. After we receive your reservation, we ll wait for you, holding a sign with your name. So book your Santorini rental car online, or just call us, and get low rates and excellent service. Do not think it anymore, just rent a car from Carhub rental cars company.