Santorini’s Local Foods and Products

Santorini Foods Products

The unique volcanic land and its perfect climate lead to the production of high quality Santorini Foods Products. However, the island is famous for its vineyards with a great history lost in the depths of time. The volcanic activity has made soil very fertile. As a result the agriculture of Santorini developed rapidly and became well-know all over the world.


santorini foods products


Also for those who don’t know what “kapari” is, they are baby caper stems pickled in red wine vinegar. They are different to pickled caper buds, which is what most people know. The pickled caper bud is, surprise, the pickled bud of the caper plant. In my opinion “kapari” is not very similar in taste to pickled caper buds. I find “kapari” fleshier in texture because it consists of a caper stem and leaves. It also isn’t as tart as pickled caper buds.

Cherry Tomatoes

santorini foods products

(cherry tomatoes)

Also Santorini not only known for its scenic beauty but also for its one of a kind tomatoes. The trademark Santorini tomato is tiny as it is appetizing. Santorini tomatoes are so small that most visitors to the island find it hard. Believe that are indeed tomatoes and not cherry fruits. The quintessential Santorini tomatoes are unique and they grow exclusively in this part of the world.


santorini foods products


The Fava Beans is one of the most special and traditional products of Santorini. A kind of peas with yellow colour, this product comes from the fruit Lathyrus Clymenum. Cultivated exclusively in Santorini and Anafi, a small island next to Santorini. Volcanic soil, probably the reason why this product cultivated only in Santorini from all Greece. Considered as the most traditional product of the island.



(Image of Tomatokeftedes)

Tomatokeftedes is a traditional dish of Santorini. It is a very popular appetite on the island and its preparation is similar to the preparation of meatballs.


santorini foods products

(Image of Sfougato)

However Sfougato is a traditional savoury Greek quiche-without-the-pastry thing. This courgette and spearmint version is typically Santorini whose flavors took me straight back to that stunning island in the Aegean.




Also Melitinia in Santorini are the sweets of marriage, engagements and festivals. They are made of unsalted mitzithra cheese and yogurt. They have a beautiful smell of mastic. You can find them in the traditional bakeries of Santorini.

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