Ancient Thira

Ancient Thira Santorini

ancient thira santorini

n the top of the mountain of Ancient Thira Santorini)

Some Information about Ancient Thira Santorini

Once Akrotiri was completely destroyed, Ancient Thira Santorini remained uninhabited until the 8th century B.C., with very few exceptions. Then the Dorian colonists from Sparta arrived. Their leader was Thira, who gave his name to the island. City build on the western slope of the mountain called Mesa Vouno and became the urban center controlling the whole island. City remained without walls due natural fortified position and connected by a road with its two ports, Oia (Kamari today) and Elefsina (Perissa today). Very few traces founded of the initial phase of the city. After the 4th century B.C., the city developed under the influence of the Ptolemies, Greek monarchs of the Egyptian kingdom. Later it was occupied by the Romans. City deteriorated after the 3rd century A.D. and abandoned after the 9th century. Excavations by German and Greek archaeologists began in 1896.

How To Get There: By car from Kamari, on foot from Kamari (either following the road or the path towards Zoodohos Pigi –they both begin from the same point) or on foot from Perissa (the path has shade almost until noon). Walking up will take you more than half an hour.

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