Car Rental Akrotiri Santorini

Rental Car Akrotiri Santorini

rental car akrotiri

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The Akrotiri peninsula is known of course for the famous ruins from the Minoan period. As not well known Akrotiri and that is for a number of reasons. The main reason is that the road to the archaeological site does not even go through the town. Tourists see the site and then head for the next spot on their itinerary or else to the beach. Very few go to the village.

So on the island that is probably the most popular tourist destinations in Greece there is a village with many of the qualities of a remote island. Poorly spelled signs outside of restaurants advertising mousaka, Greek salad and fresh fish. Small family run restaurants with home-style cooking, mixed with the dishes.
They think the tourists want, and being a basically agricultural village you should expect to find fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes in season, and the meat may come from the family farm. Hotels actually built on the family farm. So if for example you ask for fresh goat milk with your coffee you may actually get it.

Rental Car Akrotiri Santorini

In island rental car Akrotiri Santorini could be very usefull. As buses don’t come very often, to rent a carif you stay in Akrotiriseems to be the best solution to get around. Not to mention that it will cost much less than using taxis.We can deliver and collect our rental car Akrotiri Santoriniin all the hotels, without any additional cost. Several types of cars available to choose from. Convertibles or not, automatic or not, economy or luxury, offer freedom so you don’t have to waste any time.