Santorini Greek Easter 2019


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Santorini Greek Easter 2019 starts in April May and if you want to visit Santorini during this time, then I recommend to hire a car. For your car rental needs in Santorini, trust Carhub rental car company, the best car rental agency in Santorini. (Greek Easter In Santorini|Rent a car in Santorini|Car hire Thira airport port)

No matter how religious you are, you will find a lot of pleasure in exploring Easter traditions in this magnificent place. Easter is one of the main Greek celebrations , but on Santorini the traditions are most authentical and spiritual.

Orthodox Easter occurs on the different weekend than Catholic and begins with a solemn Holy Week that ends with grotesque Good Friday and a massive celebration on Easter Sunday. Many diffent events are organized guring the Easter Week, with most beautiful traditions in Pyrgos village. There , by the end of the Holy Week every house is illuminated with dozens of candlelight and processions wander through the streets.

On Friday, everybody mourns the death of Christ and there is the Epitaph procession on literally every neighborhood in Santorini. The local churches gather the pilgrims holding candles and they all march together to show their grief. In Pyrgos, the people decorate the streets with cans and lit candles for the Epitaph to pass by. Watch this aerial video.

Then, it is time to celebrate. On Holy Saturday night, the people gather around each church till they hear the priests declaring that Christ has been brought to life and has risen in Paradise. The bells are ringing cheerfully, the locals mingle with the tourists and they all kiss and exchange wishes of happiness and prosperity. Later at night, they try out mageiritsa (the traditional soup eaten right after the fasting has ended) and they prepare for the magnificent celebrations of Holy Sunday of Easter. Remember that your HOLIDAYS IN SANTORINI will be wonderful when rent a car from


Are you looking for an original experience like this? Join us in Santorini and celebrate Easter with us!