Santorini cave houses

santorini cave houses - rental car santorini

(Santorini cave houses – rental car santorini)

Thira’s cave houses is also known for its traditional architecture.

Cave houses – in Greek are called “Yposkafa” – can be found in many of the traditional settlements of Santorini. They are actual, pretty functional for the time, houses which were built inside caves and are of great historical interest as it is a “living” proof of the earlier years local customs.

The cave houses of Santorini’s old settlements have been preserved and restored by the Greek National Tourism Organization, and many of those which are built inside the Caldera were turned into guest houses or restaurants.

Santorini cave houses – Rental Car Santorini

Rental car Santorini and visit the original cave houses in the old settlements of Thera. It is a fantastic experience for any traveller who really wants to learn about the locals and get a first-hand experience of how their life used to be.