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Museums in Santorini

The Archaeological Museum of Santorini, Cyclades

At the centre of Fira is the Archeological Museums in Santorini displaying many exhibits that reveal the long history of the island. The halls of the museum host some unique collections of sculptures and inscriptions from the Archaic to the Roman period while the museum’s highlights are the ceramic vessels and vases that date back to the Geometric and the Hellenistic era from Akrotiri and marble figurines. Rental cars Santorini and visit this impressive museum.

Ancient Thera Museum, Santorini

This museum is quite spectacular even from the outside. It hosts a rich collaction of finds from the excavations in the sites of Akrotiri and other Cyclades islands. The whole area is air-conditioned offering visitors a comfortable tour around the exhibition hall that is divided into four sections. The first section refers to the history of Fira, the second one to the geology of Fira, third section includes finds from the Neolithic and the post Cycladic era while the last section consists of a nice collection from the flourishing period at the town of Akrotiri.

Santorini Nautical Museum

The Nautical Museum of Santorini is located in the town of Oia, housed in a beautiful mansion since 1990. The museum was founded in 1956 and its exhibits present the nautical history and the island’s tradition, mostly during the 19th and 20th century.

Museums in Santorini – Rental Cars Santorini

Santorini Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum of Santorini is located in an old cave house that dates back to 1861. This one-of-its-kind museum showcases a matured winery along with priceless artifacts made by indigenous carpenters and tinsmiths. The museum also boasts of a well stocked library with numerous books and manuscripts of the Aegean world. This impressive museum is the brainchild of Manolis Lignos and it is in many ways a perfect replica of a quintessential Santorini village.

Argyros Mansion in Santorini

Argyros Mansion (Archontiko Argyrou) is a wonderful traditional mansion in the village of Messaria, in the centre of Santorini island. Argyros Mansion is renowned for its elegant Neoclassical architecture. This mansion was built in the year 1860 and visitors can get a view of life in Santorini through the past two centuries.

Santorini Megaro Gyzi

The Museum of Megaro Gyzi is ideally located in Thira, Santorini by the rear side of the elegant Catholic cathedral. The museum is conspicuous by its exquisite drawings, some of which date back to the 16th century. There are also original dresses and historic maps of the Cycladic group of islands. There is also an exclusive photography pavilion where rare photographs of Fira, taken before and after the 1956 eruption, provide fascinating insight of the capital city of Santorini.

Santorini Museum of Musical Instruments

The Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and post-Byzantine musical instruments is housed in the old Community building of Oia Santorini, a characteristic and central spot of the village. The museum, which hosts the personal collection of Mr Halaris, a prominent musician, was recently inaugurated, in October 2011, and was the result of many years of hard work.

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