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Santorini cave houses

Santorini cave houses

santorini cave houses - rental car santorini

(Santorini cave houses – rental car santorini)

Thira’s cave houses is also known for its traditional architecture.

 Cave houses – in Greek are called “Yposkafa” – can be found in many of the traditional settlements of Santorini. They are actual, pretty functional for the time, houses which were built inside caves and are of great historical interest as it is a “living” proof of the earlier years local customs.

 The cave houses of Santorini’s old settlements have been preserved and restored by the Greek National Tourism Organization, and many of those which are built inside the Caldera were turned into guest houses or restaurants.

Santorini cave houses – Rental Car Santorini

Rental car Santorini and visit the original cave houses in the old settlements of Thera. It is a fantastic experience for any traveller who really wants to learn about the locals and get a first-hand experience of how their life used to be.

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Smart Cabrio

Smart Cabrio Santorini – Rental Cars in Santorini

santorini car rental - Smart Cabrio Santorini - rental cars in santorini - rent a car santorini

santorini car rental – Smart Cabrio Santorini – rental cars in santorini – rent a car santorini

The smart fortwo cabrio is a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-seater hatchback city car marketed and manufactured by the smart division, introduced in 1998, now in its third generation.

Rental Cars in Santorini – Santorini Cabrio Santorini – Rent a Car Santorini

Book The brand new Smart Cabrio online, or send us an email with your request, and get advantage of our special offers and discounts, even for the high season!!


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Museums in Santorini

Museums in Santorini - rental cars santorini - rent a car santorini - car hire santorini

Museums in Santorini – Rental Cars Santorini – rent a car Santorini – Car hire Santorini

Museums in Santorini

The Archaeological Museum of Santorini, Cyclades

At the centre of Fira is the Archeological Museums in Santorini displaying many exhibits that reveal the long history of the island. The halls of the museum host some unique collections of sculptures and inscriptions from the Archaic to the Roman period while the museum’s highlights are the ceramic vessels and vases that date back to the Geometric and the Hellenistic era from Akrotiri and marble figurines. Rental cars Santorini and visit this impressive museum.

Ancient Thera Museum, Santorini

This museum is quite spectacular even from the outside. It hosts a rich collaction of finds from the excavations in the sites of Akrotiri and other Cyclades islands. The whole area is air-conditioned offering visitors a comfortable tour around the exhibition hall that is divided into four sections. The first section refers to the history of Fira, the second one to the geology of Fira, third section includes finds from the Neolithic and the post Cycladic era while the last section consists of a nice collection from the flourishing period at the town of Akrotiri.

Santorini Nautical Museum

The Nautical Museum of Santorini is located in the town of Oia, housed in a beautiful mansion since 1990. The museum was founded in 1956 and its exhibits present the nautical history and the island’s tradition, mostly during the 19th and 20th century.

Museums in Santorini – Rental Cars Santorini

Santorini Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum of Santorini is located in an old cave house that dates back to 1861. This one-of-its-kind museum showcases a matured winery along with priceless artifacts made by indigenous carpenters and tinsmiths. The museum also boasts of a well stocked library with numerous books and manuscripts of the Aegean world. This impressive museum is the brainchild of Manolis Lignos and it is in many ways a perfect replica of a quintessential Santorini village.

Argyros Mansion in Santorini

Argyros Mansion (Archontiko Argyrou) is a wonderful traditional mansion in the village of Messaria, in the centre of Santorini island. Argyros Mansion is renowned for its elegant Neoclassical architecture. This mansion was built in the year 1860 and visitors can get a view of life in Santorini through the past two centuries.

Santorini Megaro Gyzi

The Museum of Megaro Gyzi is ideally located in Thira, Santorini by the rear side of the elegant Catholic cathedral. The museum is conspicuous by its exquisite drawings, some of which date back to the 16th century. There are also original dresses and historic maps of the Cycladic group of islands. There is also an exclusive photography pavilion where rare photographs of Fira, taken before and after the 1956 eruption, provide fascinating insight of the capital city of Santorini.

Santorini Museum of Musical Instruments

The Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and post-Byzantine musical instruments is housed in the old Community building of Oia Santorini, a characteristic and central spot of the village. The museum, which hosts the personal collection of Mr Halaris, a prominent musician, was recently inaugurated, in October 2011, and was the result of many years of hard work.

To all the Museums in Santorini you can rental cars Santorini and drive with your rental car ,and park easily very near.

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Holy Spirit Monday in Santorini

Holy Spirit Monday in Santorini

Holy spirit monday in Santorini - rent a car santorini - rental cars santorini - car rental santorini - car hire in santorini

(Holy spirit monday in Santorini – rent a car santorini – rental cars santorini – car rental santorini – car hire in santorini)

Fifty days after Easter, Holy Spirit monday (also known as Whit Monday or Pentecost) is celebrated. It is a religious holiday which marks the descent of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. Most Greek people use this holiday as an opportunity to have a short holiday. The Holy Spirit Monday holiday is on May 28 this year. 

rent a car santorini – rental cars santorini – car rental santorini – car hire in santorini

Many will go to visit Santorini island for a nice relaxing dayRent a car Santorini is the best way to explore Santorini as not everywhere is well served by bus and taxis are in short supply. You will definitely not have that problem with a rental car from Carhub  .The best things to do are made easier by having a rental car.

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Oia Santorini

Oia Village Santorini

Oia Village Santorini - Rent a car santorini - car hire santorini - rental cars santorini

(Oia Village Santorini – Rent a car in Santorini – Car hire Santorini – Rental Cars Santorini)

Oia Village Santorini, pronounced Ia, is the most famous of all villages of Santorini. It is known throughout the world for its quiet life and fantastic sunset, and is certainly the most beautiful and picturesque village of Santorini. The village is also situated on top of an impressive cliff and offers a spectacular view over the volcano of Palia and Nea Kameni and the island of Thirassia. Oia is situated on the north of the island, 11 km away from Fira.It is a traditional village with charming houses in narrow streets, blue domed churches, and sun-bathed verandas. Its streets have plenty of tourist shops, taverns, cafes, and other shops. Oia is much more quiet that Fira and the busiest area is the main pedestrian that runs along its length. At the entrance of the village is a car park where visitors can leave their vehicle and enjoy long walks in the picturesque paths. The volcano from here is much less imposing but you can still get some gorgeous views. Oia also has a small port, Ammoudi, which can be reached by a set of 300 steps leading down. There, small boats can take you opposite, to the island of Thirassia. The beach of Armenis is also located there. Taverns in Oia offer visitors tasty meals of fresh fish.

Oia Village Santorini – Rent a car in Santorini – Car hire Santorini – Rental Cars Santorini

We can deliver your Santorini rental car in Oia, if your hotel is located in the area. As taxis to Oia are a bit expensive, and buses are usually full, we highly recommend if you have decided to rent a car for your stay in Santorini, to get it delivered and returned at the port or airport so you save the money for the transfer. Please contact for details for having your Santorini rental car delivered or returned in Oia.

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Megalochori Santorini

Megalochori Santorini

megalochori santorini - rent a car santorini - car hire santorini - rental cars santorini - car rental santorini

megalochori santorini – rent a car in santorini

Megalochori is a very quiet traditional village sitting on a hill facing to the east in the heart of Santorini. The roads narrow frighteningly for a nervous passenger as you get closer to the village. There is a central square with a couple of tavernas. There are numerous wine tasting places here and indeed this village is at the heart of the island’s wine industry. The vineyards are located all round the village, the vines coiled in a typical Santorini fashion. The village itself has a nice mixture of cream and white Cycladic houses with contrasting colourful wooden doors and a fair few white churches with bright blue domes for good measure. There are a couple of tiered bell towers over the road as you approach the square. There is one hotel in the centre The Vedema Resort and a few villas to rent, many with pool but of a traditional nature.

Car Hire in Megalochori Santorini

If your hotel is located in Megalochori, Santorini, the best way to get around and see the rest of the island is to rent a car from Carhub. With a Santorini rental car you can go everyday to the beaches, to Fira, to Oia, and all the places of interest in Santorini. So this way you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Megalochori, and anytime you feel like it , you can drive your Santorini rental car, and go to your favourite restaurant, to one of the museums, or to the beach. If you decide to rent a car while you are in Megalochori of Santorini island, just email or call us, or make an online car rental reservation, and we ll deliver the car that fits your needs, to any hotel in the area with no extra charge.

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Fiat 500 cabrio

Fiat 500 new arrival 2018

fiat 500 Santorini - car hire santorini - rental cars santorini - rent a car santorini - car rentals santorini

(fiat 500 santorini cabrio – car hire santorini) 

The Fiat 500 Santorini is a four passengrers, two-door, transverse front-engine, front wheel drive. It’s a city car manufactured by Fiat since 2007 in hatchback coupe.

Rent Fiat 500 Santorini

Book The brand new Fiat Cabrio 500 online, or send us an email with your request, and get advantage of our special offers and discounts, even for the high season!!

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Santorini Airport

santorini airport - rent a car santorini airport - car hire santorini airport - rental cars santorini

santorini airport – rent a car santorini

Santorini Airport

Santorini Airport is an airport located north of the village of Kamari. The airport serves both as a military and as a civil airport. To get from Santorini Airport to your hotel and start your holidays on Santorini island, the best and most economical solution is to Rent a Car Santorini Airport from CarhubCar rental is easy at Santorini , as we deliver our cars there without any additional cost. It’s very nice to know that when you arrive, someone will wait for you at Santorini airport to deliver your rental car Santorini.

Rent a Car Santorini Airport

No need to wait for the bus forever, no need to pay for a taxi or private transfer. Your car will be ready on your arrival, so you can put in your luggage and start your holidays the best way . A  rental car in Santorini is necessary, regardless the location of your hotel. Having a car while on holidays in Santorini, gives you freedom to go anywhere anytime, so you can discover all the beauties of the island. Ofcource when its time to go from the island, you can return your hired car at Santorini airport again, if you fly out, at Santorini port if you depart with a boat, and if you think that its easier for you to return your rental car at your hotel, you can return your car at any hotel in Santorini. So choose the model that fits your needs , automatic, manual, convertible, open jeep, family, or economy, book online, or just call us, and our people will meet you at the airport . You dont even have to pay a deposit, you could pay in cash or by creditcard when you collect your rental car. When planing your holidays on Santorini island, car rental service can be a helpful tool to explore the island and save a lot of money and time. Now Santorini car hire service is easier and better, with our free airport delivery and collection offer.

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Fira Town Santorini

Fira Town Santorini

Fira town Santorini - rent a car santorini - car rentals santorini - car hire santorini

Fira town Santorini

Fira town Santorini is the beautiful capital of the island. It is located in the western edge of the island. On the caldera side you get one of the best views of the island and the activity level is enough to keep you entertained for hours. There are cafes, bars, restaurants, all with views and some with several levels of patios and balconies to make the most of the space they have and the fact that when there are several cruise ships sitting below the town is packed with tourists. Just walking down the street in laborious. The cafes fill up with tourists. Hundreds of them. Thousands of them. Like Leiningen vs the Ants they are unleashed on the town consuming everything in sight, stopping only to take photos of themselves with the view behind them. But the ships come and go and when they go they take the population with them and Fira town Santorini can actually be a pretty nice place.

From Fira to go to other villages, it would be a good idea to rent a car. With your Santorini rental car, you could drive everywhere, and explore the whole island. Compared to the other solutions, car rental in Santorini is rather cheap. Not to mention the time you save . Book your Santorini rental car from Carhub, or just call us. We will deliver the car of your choice, without any extra charge. Automatic cars, small cars,  convertibles, economy class, mini buses, open jeeps or family cars, there is a model for every need. Our people will deliver your rental car to any hotel at anytime in the area of Fira, or anywhere on Santorini without any additional cost. Do not think it, reserve a car from Carhub rental car company.

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Perivolos Beach Santorini

Perivolos beach Santorini

Perivolos beach Santorini

(Perivolos beach Santorini)

The seaside village of Perivolos is quite popular, largely among young people, as it holds the liveliest beach resort. It is a small place that lies at the southeast coast of Santorini, very close to Perissa village. Actually, it is situated between Perissa and Agios Georgios. In Perivolos you can relish pleasant moments at nice restaurants that offer local specialties, warm cafes and bustling bars with lively music. Here are the most beach bars of the island, where many happenings take place by the fancy swimming pools, such as DJ and performer appearances and other special events. Day and night Perivolos is full of life and the atmosphere at the beautiful promenade is always vibrant and cheerful. The attraction and the main reason to visit Perivolos, besides the entertaining nightlife, is the famous Perivolos Beach Santorini, a wonderful long beach with crystal-clear waters, covered in black volcanic sand. It is fully-organized and provides a large number of amenities, like numerous comfy sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and lifeguards. You can enjoy your favorite refreshment or have a meal by the sparkling sea. In addition, the beach has water sport facilities that can offer you new experiences. Finally, there are beach volleyball courts where tournaments are often organized and attract many people. It is totally advisable that you visit Perivolos and you can find a variety of accommodation options for an enjoyable stay. There are luxurious villas, delightful hotels, apartments and rooms to let, something for everybody.

Rent A Car Perivolos Santorini

If your hotel is located at Perivolos beach Santorini, we can deliver your Santorini rental car there, without any extra charge. You could also return the car to the same location . Just inform us when you make your reservation via email or phone. For the area of Perivolos beach, depending on availability we also accept last minute reservations.

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