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(Goulas Santorini – Santorini Greece Car Hire)

On the south part of Santorini is the largest village of Santorini which called Emporio. The castle of Emporio and the Tower of Nimborio was constructed in the mid-15th century at the center of the village. It was very well fortified and structured, the houses were built side by side and they were connected by bridges.

The Tower of Goulas was built outside the castle in small distance. The ytility of this defensive tower was to store the crop and was also used as a refuge. There used to be a small chapel inside it and a tunnel that connected it with the castle. It is a square building that still stands at the north part of the village with obvious decay.

Santorini Greece Car Hire – Rent a Car Santorini – Santorini Cars

Santorini Greece Car Hire and visit the Goulas Santorini in Emporio Village. It is a fantastic experience for any traveller who really wants to learn about the locals.