Car Hire Santorini

Car Hire SantoriniCar Hire Santorini is the best way to explore Santorini as not everywhere is well served by bus and taxis are in short supply. You will definitely not have that problem with a rental car from Carhub .The best things to do are made easier by having a rental car.

Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of Greek islands. It is located between Ios and Anafi islands. It is famous for dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town , the strange white aubergine (eggplant) , the town of Thira and naturally its very own active volcano. There are naturally fantastic beaches such as the beach of Perivolos, maybe the best beach in Santorini, the black pebble beach of Kamari, white beach and red beach

Below are some of top things to do in Santorini!

1.Watch the sunset from Oia & Fira

Fira and Oia

Fira is the capital of Santorini full of life. Some of the best places to watch the sunset is the Skaros Rock at Imerovigli, in front of the Orthodox Cathedral and at Firostefani.

Oia village. This village is a few km from Fira. Its sunset is very famous in the world. The beauty of this village with white houses lies in a spectacular location on a cliff, at the edge of the breathtaking Caldera. This notorious sunset attracts millions of tourists all over the world every year, but also the locals, who choose to visit Oia when the sun goes down! At one point in your life you have seen this famous sunset in postcards, or travel agencies that cite Oia in almost every top-10 list of sightseeing!

2. The volcano and hot springs

Santorini is gifted with a unique natural beauty and a wild scenery created by the volcanic eruptions. As it is ectremely famous for the beautiful caldera, the island is also known for the two small islands of black lava positioned at the centre of the basin of Santorini which are, geographically, the youngest islands in the eastern Mediterranean.

Nea Kameni is surrounded by warm dark waters which are known for their therapeutic benefits. Visitors can reach the islet with the traditional caiques that deoart from the old port of Fira and enjoy a bath in the hot springs. The healing waters of Nea Kameni consist of iron and magnanese which act against many diseases that older people usually suffer from.

3. Visit the ancient city of Akrotiri

It might seem like the island of Santorini is wall-to-wall with cliffside whitewashed villages, but south of Oia and Fira you will find a different kind of Greek settlement – the ruined city of Akrotiri. Or at least that’s what it’s called now. It was christened Akrotiri after the nearby modern town of the same name, but its real identity is just one of its mysteries. Nicknamed Santorini’s Pompeii, it’s similar in that both were buried in a volcanic eruption, there are a few big differences between them too. The first of which is their age – Pompeii was founded in 600 BC and destroyed in 79 AD, but Akrotiri makes it look young. It was home to the ancient Minoans over 4000 years before Pompeii was set up, and has been preserved just as it would have been in 1500 BC. It’s a window into the life of a distant people – and to a different side of Santorini.

4. The wineries

The volcanic soil and the special climate of Santorini give a unique taste to the local wine. The wine of Santorini was famous all over the Mediterranean basin in the ancient times and even today it is exported in many countries of the world. Vinsanto, Nychteri and Mezzo are just some of the local varieties that can be found in many restaurants on the island and in various cellars in the world. To explore all the wineries the best way is to Car Hire Santorini.