Akrotiri Lighthouse Santorini

Akrotiri Lighthouse

(Akrotiri Lighthouse)

The Akrotiri Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece and was manufactured in 1892 from the French company of Lighthouses. It stands like a sentinel towards the on the southern peninsula of Santorini island.

The lighthouse of Akrotiri is conspicuous by its square shaped tower that looms above 10 meters from the lighthouse keepers house

Initially, the lighthouse first was operated by petrol fuel and its luminosity was 23 n.m. But with the introduction of electricity in the year 1988, it has been operated electronically and reportedly emits a radiant white light at intervals of 20 seconds.

The peripheral area surrounding the lighthouse is replete with vestiges of the Minoan period which is regarded by many scholars as the high water mark of the Aegean culture and civilization.

The best time to visit the Akrotiri Lighthouse is during sunset and is one of the most beautiful on the island. The view of the red molten ball dipping into the azure blue Aegean Sea makes for a kaleidoscopic vignette. The surrounding area of the Lighthouse is replete with great traditional Greek taverns and first time visitors would do well to spend some time savoring the sea food delicacies on offer.

You could drive your rental car there, and leave it at the parking just near the lighthouse. Feel free to contact if you need more information, or if you have any questions.